What Is a Hair Clipper

Update:24 Nov 2022

A hair clipper is a specialized tool for cutting human head hair. It works in a similar way to a pair of scissors but works differently. In fact, hair clippers are a better choice than a razor for most people.
A cordless hair clipper is great if you want to cut your hair outdoors or don't want to be bothered with a power cord. You can use these clippers wherever there is a power source, and they don't cost a lot. A cordless hair clipper has a longer battery life than a corded one, so it's an excellent choice if you want to cut your hair in a more convenient location.
A good clipper should have precision ground blades for maximum coverage. Lithium power has an impressive four-hour runtime, which means that you can use it for 40 minutes between charges. Another great feature is the length-adjusting combs, which allow you to customize your look to fit your hair type. It also comes with a cleaning brush to ensure peak performance. In addition, there are some hair clippers that are battery-powered, which means you can easily charge them when you don't need to use them.
Another thing to consider when using a hair clipper is the oil. Ideally, oil should be used to lubricate the blades. Some hair clippers come with oil for this purpose, but it is still recommended to use oil on the blades before using them. To apply oil, wipe off the hair from the blades and then apply a small amount to the blade. After you've done this, you can run the motor for three to five seconds before you use the blade again. Using a towel also keeps the blades from general wear and discoloration.



Senior Clipper BT-L5

Stainless steel blade

Detachable blade

2*600mha NI-CD battery

High/low switch

cord charger

3-6-9-12 comb

8 hour charging time, 45 minutes working time